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    how old is spongebob supposed to be??? he works and lives by himself yet acts like a kid? is he 16? 33? 60? definitely one of life’s biggest mysteries

    in one episode, his birthday was July 14, 1986

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    This is such a funny video.  Ike and Taylor try the Tim Tam Slam.  Someone should really tell Taylor it’s rude to suck on your fingers then wipe them on foreign couches, lol. Watch that last gif carefully. [x]

    I love how Isaac’s like ‘no I get what you’re trying to get me to do, I just can’t do it.’  Taylor’s just like ‘what tha fuck?’

    I would like to point out that Taylor says “would you say that you’re pretty good at sucking?” as an alone question before realising he should probably add “the Tim Tam”. It’s so much better with audio.

    I also feel like the only Australian who hasn’t done this before. Oops.

    (For anyone else - Ike’s probably having trouble because you have to wait for the centre to melt).

    boys, boys, boys. I’m Canadian and I know how to do this properly for godsakes. 

  9. S03E17   l  Danny being a great uncle.

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  10. derek theler ∞ baby daddy - 3x11