3. Anonymous said: u fucking meet everybody! HOW?

    it is my super power? 


  4. remember when…

    Beau and Lights were casually in starbucks with me? today has been a good day ;) 

  5. Pride & Prejudice 2005 [pt.1]

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  6. Anonymous said: What are the top 5 movies everyone needs to watch of Chris besides Not another teen movie, CA/Avengers, the losers and whats your number? Sorry, if i took away all your picks/choices.


    Snowpiercer, Push, Sunshine, The Winter Soldier, and since you’re asking this blog: London.

    Fierce People! Everybody needs to see that movie, it was really well done. I love seeing CEvans as the fun loving goofball, but he took the character of Brice and really worked it. 


  7. "You are not designed for everyone to like you."