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    I keep hearing how this is a shit song, what? no, I think this is a satire of the best quality. 

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    Someone is only in the fandom for the looks then cause issacs voice is a smooth as silk. I could listen to him sing the phonebook.

    sing the phone book…you’re my new hero. I love that idea. I love his voice too. 

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  5. Anonymous said: Have you heard of/are you familiar with Double Dan Horsemanship? If so, what's your opinion of them?


    I am vaguely familiar with them. I know they do a lot of tricks and stunts - personally I’m not a fan of teaching horses to rear unless it’s for classical dressage - a levade built from a piaffe. A lot of habituation to stock whips, there doesn’t seem to be any form of positive reinforcement (bummer) and is all negative reinforcement. Difficult to say what kind of training philosophy they endorse. “For the love of the horse” is nice though.

    They don’t seem to be pushing the “be the alpha horse” nonsense, at least from what I’ve seen, but they have been in a few “horse makeovers” and I’m not a huge fan of those either because they’re allotting a very short amount of time to train an animal and I do not think “quick fixes” have any place in any animal training.

    I don’t have a huge issue with them, though. They’re definitely not as bad as Parelli.

    if you actually get to watch them work, in person, or speak with them, I find you will see that although you are allowed to have an opinion..not much of what you said has any real point. 

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    Iceland by Night


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    Liam Hemsworth 

    └>Candids [7/?]